Ancona coastal city of ancient origins

59 km from Camping Fano

The Romanic Cathedral of San Ciriaco dominates the town whose history can be traced through its many architectural treasures among with the Arch of Traiano, masterwork of the Classical Age and the Mole of Vanvitelli, a great structure with a pentagonal base built in 1732.

City of arts with a millenarian history, Ancona, Marche’s capital, was founded in 387 AD by the Dori di Siracusa who attracted by the promontory elbow shape named it “Ankon”, in Greek “elbow”. At the time of the Roman Empire, Ancona was the fleet base for the Illiric wars.

Dominated at the estreme right side by the natural panorama of Mount Conero, Ancona is still today one of the most important Adriatic harbours.


Arts and Culture

Dominated by the romanic Cathedral of San Ciriaco, Ancona narrates its history though the richness of the region architectural treasures among which the Arch of Traiano (115 DC) masterwork of the Classical Age and the Mole of Vanvitelli, a great structure with a pentagonal base built in 1732 with the dual function of both military fortress and leper hospital. Ancona’s cathedral, in the city highest section rises above the foundations of a famous pagan temple dedicated to Venus. This very interesting example of romanic architecture preserves inside its crypt the relics of San Ciriaco, the city patron saint.   

Events not to be missed

The Mole Vanvitelliana hosts most summer events from art workshops, film festivals, events of all sorts with an experimental and research connotation. July celebrates the Ancona Jazz Summer Festival, a series of evening concerts hosted in the most evocative city spots, and Acusmatiq, a very special art and electronic music festival and finally POP UP! Contemporary Art inside the urban space with installations, conventions and workshops dedicated to the Avantguard Popular and Urban Art movements.


Traditional flavours

The vincisgrassi, a typical local lasagne, the stoccafisso all’anconetana, a stew of dried salted cod with cherry tomatoes and potatoes, and the moscioli alla marinara, a typical shellfish of these seas dressed with a mussels’ pepper sauce are the highlights of Ancona gastronomic experience. The misticanza, a misture of wild greens added to common salad leaves, and the wild greens ""straginate"", boiled and then sauteed are some of most popular side dishes. In springtime the local street markets sell the pincigarelli, wild cardoon flowers that can be quite delicious when cooked in a pan with potatoes."

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