Frasassi Caves the wonder of nature

73 km from Camping Fano

The Frasassi Caves are one of the most appreciated naturalistic destinations of the Umbro-Marchigiano Appennin mountains. The biggest cavity, called "Abisso di Ancona", is one of the biggest in the world and it could contain the Cathedral of Milan.

The Frasassi Caves, in the Umbro-Marchigiano Apennin mountains are among the most famous caves in Italy well known for their beauty and size. These caves are the result of a long and progressive karst phenomena. The rock of the mountains of Frasassi and Valmontgna through the progressive water erosion has become permeable allowing the formation of fractures and underground rock formations. The steady dropping of calcareous water over the centuries has given shape to karst formations. Water mixed with limestone by falling from above have shaped wonderfuld stalactites, stalagmites and christal flows blended in an armonious scenery of lakes and caskets. The Frasassi Caves were discovered in 1948 and brought to light after 30 years of research.

Grotte di Frasassi

Abyss of Ancona and the Wind cave

The Major Cave, called "Abyss of Ancona", is one of the biggest in the world and it is so big it could host the Cathedral of Milan. The biggest cave of the whole complex is the Wind Cave with a length of 13 Km. Inside the visitor is astonished by a scenery of incredibile beauty with a metamorphosis of lights and colors and a succession of dreamy visions.

The majestic "Giants" and the other caves

Walking along the caves you meet the majestic "Giants", some 20 meters high stalagmites, the “Niagara Falls”, and the tiny and delicate stalagmites called "Angel’s Hair". Further down you meet the stalagmite “Dead Tree”, so called because of its upper part shaped in branches, the Chystallized Lake, with its calcareous islands dived in to the turquoise waters and the increadible beauty of Emerald Lake. Furthermore the “Barbara Room” with its blending white flows, the “Candle Room” and finally the “Bear Room” and the “Infinite Room”  


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