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124km from Camping Fano

City of arts and history, Perugia preserves in its incredibile Etruscan urban layout masterpieces by Piero della Francesca, Perugino, and Beato Angelico. This city hosts as well one of the greatest Italian musical event, Umbria Jazz, an attraction also for many famous international artists.

The first settlements date back to the X century AD but the first real city dwelling took shape only 400 years later. With the battle of Sentino Perugia was then annexed to Rome to which it kept loyal also during the second punic war when it gave hospitality to the Romans defeated on the Trasimeno Lake. After the fire of 41 AD Perugia blossomed thanks to Emperor Augustus and became an important commercial crossway. The Ostrogoths conquered and dominated till the city was taken over by the Papal States.

In 1139 the city was declared a municipality with a Government of Consuls. Between the XII and XIII century it underwent a tremendous urban development thanks to the foundation of the Merchant Government of the Priors and the University. In the attempt to escape the Pope dominion, the Michelotti, Visconti and Fortebracci families took at different times command of the city and transformed it during the XV century into an important cultural centre attracting artists like Pinturicchio, Perugino, Raffaello and Pietro Aretino.

In 1540, the Papal States conquered the power again and the city experienced a long period of stagnation. With the annexation to the Kingdom of Italy the city flourished again as the new capital of a very large area which covered the whole Sabina region.


Perugia City of Arts

The most representative artistic jewels of this city with its typical etruscan urban layout are Piazza IV Novembre with the Palazzo Comunale, the Palazzo Vescovile and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo hosting Mary’s most important relic, the ring. Inside the Cathedral is the Fontana Maggiore built and decorated in the XII century by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano. Last but not least the Temple of Sant’Angelo, an early Christian church from the V century with circular base and the Rocca Paolina. Not to be missed the Umbria National Gallery with works by Piero della Francesca, Perugino and Beato Angelico.   


Strangozzi alla spoletina and maltagliati with norcia black truffle are the city specialties. Game like the wild boar with polenta, the pheasant and the roasted pigeon and wild fowl like the guinea-fowl are very popular. Among the most famous dessert it’s worth mentioning the Torcolo of San Costanzo, a sort of bagel with pine nuts, raisins and sweet candies, and the Ciaramicola.


Summer events not to be missed

Since 1973 Umbria Jazz (in July) is the greatest musical event of Central Italy with its jazz, rock, pop-rock, blues, Brasilian and African music by famous international artists. The Tour Music Feast held in June is also very interesting as well as Trasimeno Music Festival held in July. The city features also lots of activities for teenagers and children. The most popular one is Figuratevi, an amazing international festival on animation with lost of emotions in the city streets.


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