Pesaro Rossini birthtown and city of music festivals

15 km from Camping Fano

Rossini birthtown, it was founded by the Romans on Piceno’s ground, the former inhabitants during the iron age. At about 2 km from the city, Novilara, is the oldest Piceno settlement of the area. Inside Pesaro’s cathedral is preserved the greatest city treasure, a 600 m2 mosaic floor.

Pesaro was founded by the Romans on Piceno’s ground, the former inhabitants during the iron age.The Borgo of Novilara is the oldest Piceno settelement of the area. After the Celtic, Gothic, Longobardi and Frankish domination, the city was taken over and ruled for many centuries by the Papal States. Afterwards, under the Malatesta, the Sforza and the Della Rovere families Pesaro became a blossoming commercial centre along the Flaminia Road.


History through architecture

The ancient Roman origins can be recognized by the city urban layout. The Roman forum is nowadays the Piazza del Popolo. The many churches with Gothic doors in the historical town had been commissioned by the Malatesta family, educated city patrons befriended with the Surpreme Poet Petrarca.

The majestic city Cathedral on via Rossini preserves on its inside Pesaro’s real treasure: 600 sqm of mosaic floor consisiting of two overlapping layers dating respectively to the IV and VI century DC. Worth visiting is also the Maiolica Museum and the VI century palace once belonging to the Marquis family Mosca with the Civic Museums and the city Art Museum hosting the Pala by Ghibellino.

Outside of the old town you can visit Rocca Costanza, the city defending fortress planned by Luciano Laurana who most likely had also planned the Palazzo Ducale in Piazza del Popolo. Not far from here there is a little modest house now converted into a small museum for music enthusiasts which had been the birthhome of one of the most illustrious sons of this city, Gioacchino Rossini.

Summer Events

Rich of cultural events, the summer opens along the sweet notes of Concerti al Tramonto, a very peculiar free event featuring several music genres. The most important event known all over the world, the Rossini Opera Festival, is held in August and it was first introduced in 1980 to celebrate the composer’s opera. La Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema, one of the most important Italian film festivals is held at the end of June. Among the several events, not to be missed are the free film projections held in Piazza del Popolo.


One of the city typical dish is tagliatelle with beans, a very tasteful dish from the countryside tradition. Beside stuffed pasta specialties like cappelletti and ravioli, here you can taste also some rearrangements of neighboring Romagna dishes like piadina in its highly popular crispy version.

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