San Marino Unesco heritage site

70km from Camping Fano

A UNESCO World Heritage site together with Mount Titano on which it’s situated, the Serenissima Republic of San Marino is one of the smallest states of the world. In this tiny Republic the 2 state heads, the Captain Regenets, are in charge for only 6 months.

The charm of its history can be felt through its narrow streets as this little state has been able to preserve both its institutions and structure. Palazzo Pubblico, in particular, built over the foundations of the Domus Comunis Magna, builty in 1380. The façade is richly decorated with the emblems of the Republic castles and it is sustained by three main arches with a polygonal balcony at its centre. The entrance hall is decorated with emblems and memorial stones among which the Carducci’s bust and the impressive staircase leads to the Sala dei Consiglieri, the Sala del Congresso e delle Udienze and to the Sala dello Scrutinio.

Piazza della Libertà, across the Palace, preserves in its foundations ancient tanks for the collection of rainwater, once the water reservoir of the city. Very interesting from an artistic point of view is the Basilica of Pieve San Marino, a very ancient building in Neoclassical style with a pronaos with eight Corintian columns consecrated in 1855.

Last but not least we must mention the three fortresses domintaing the city from the above. The First Tower or Fortress, is the biggest and the most ancient (XI century). It was built directly on the mountain rocks without foundations and it is surrounded by two walls. The Second Tower, also called Cesta or Fratta, dates back to 4th century and is situated in the highest mountain peak. Finally the Third Tower or Montale is the smallest tower and it preserves in its inside a prison called bottom of the tower because it is 8 meters deep and can only be accessed from the top.

San Marino


From May to September San Marino offers a rich variety of events. Among the most popular one it is worth mentioning San Marino Etno Festival, 6 concerts ranging from ethnic to experimental music, Alba sul Monte, 50 performaces from sunset to sunrise, and the music festival Musica nel Chiostro. Further, the Cinema sotto le Stelle, the Giornate Medievali, the Cantagiro and the Notte Rosa certainly the most beloved event by the younger crowds which extends to Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica and many other towns.


San Marino gastronomy consists mostly of typical Romagna dishes like piadina to accompany cheeses, sausages and wild greens. Very popular is also the polenta nel tagliere dressed with a wild fowl sauce, lard and sage. Very popular are also the strozzapreti con sugo di carne e formaggio, a pasta dish with a meat and cheese sauce. The Bustrengo is the most popular dessert prepared with breadcrumbs and corn flour instead of rice as used in the Romagna and Marche regions.

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